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Press and Testimonials

Check out what Dodge Viper lovers are saying about Venzano Automotive's work:

2001 Dodge Viper ACR Coupe 

I have a yellow Dodge Viper with black stripes that is supercharged and has the GT2 racing wing on the back with a front splitter and roof scoop. After purchasing the car, the next thing that came to mind was how do I make the interior stand out like the rest of the car..

Tony at Venzano had the creative expertise that any Viper owner would be more than comfortable with. I chose, under Tony's recommendations, to go with recovered black leather throughout the seating area and door trim. Tony than added ribbed cushioned areas on the back and seat bottoms of the seats.

As an extra, we placed a ribbed section for the arm rest section that looked inlayed stock. Tony inlayed in a two-tone yellow and black ACR emblem on the back of each seat, which looked absolutely impeccable. I would recommend to anybody that has a Viper to go to Venzano Automotive for design insight on their car.

-Mark Schultz

2008 Snake Green Viper
I had never met Tony before shipping him my 2008 Snake Green Dodge Viper – with only 713km (455 miles) on it. I had seen Tony’s ad in the Viper magazine and online. After several conversations and in-depth discussions with Tony about interior upgrades, I felt comfortable and confident in his abilities.

So, I blindly shipped my baby 3000 miles away! The car was out of my view for about three weeks, and over that period we spoke several times and he e-mailed many pictures of the process.

My wife and I first saw the finished product at the VOI 10, where Tony had the car nicely displayed in a vendor's booth. We were extremely wowed, as was everyone else  that saw the vehicle. I personally would recommend Tony for your Viper interior upgrades. We put on 6500km (4100 mi) as we drove from Detroit to the Oregon coast up to Northern Alberta, Canada. I was never lonely while fueling up as we intrigued many admirers! - Andy Perrotta

Motor Trend Writes About the "Last Viper Off The Line"

The very last 2010 Dodge Viper rolled off the assembly line in Detroit, Michigan yesterday morning. Like many of the last Vipers built, the final Viper, a 2010 Viper SRT10 Coupe, was extremely customized. You can thank owner D’Ann Rauh for that: after begging Dodge brand president Ralph Gilles for the last car, Gilles consented, so long as it was “something special.”


Although Rauh and her husband own over 40 Vipers already, there’s no doubt this snake will stand out from the crowd. Working in conjunction with Dodge’s design team, Rauh selected a custom bronze gold paint, which was supplied by House of Kolor.


Inside, the car received a bronze leather interior from Venzano Viper, while trim pieces — including the center stack — were treated to an anodized gold finish.

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